Artist's Statement

Ever since playing around with Microsoft Sound Recorder many moons ago, I've been advancing in filmmaking skills until the present day. From Sound Recorder to Windows Movie Maker to Ulead VideoStudio to Adobe Premiere Pro, I've been making all kinds of audio and visual works, almost always relying on myself alone. That doesn't mean I've never worked in a team, I've also worked as assistant director and camera operator on multiple projects.

03 October 2011

PCA - Year One

My, it has been a long time, hasn't it? Don't labour under any misapprehension, the lack of updates in almost a year isn't down to lack of new material. Almost constantly throughout the year, I kept meaning to update with the new stuff I was doing, but kept putting it off. No longer.

All five major films I did in the first year of my time at PCA are now up at Vimeo, but are also available below. I've also added the descriptions posted on the Vimeo page below each video.

Here, then, is the much belated arrival of my first year PCA films. Have fun!

15 November 2010

Frankenstein - A Music Video

Sadly, I was hoping to have my first film produced at PCA, a Super-8 short which I've taken to calling "When The Cats Are Away", uploaded here by now, but the people in possession of the film have still not uploaded it. I wouldn't mind so much if the group doing Film Arts after us hadn't gotten theirs' uploaded. To put it lightly, I'm not best pleased.

Still, I still have something to tide the blog over with. What is it, exactly? Well, since (like the last post) this was also uploaded to TMUnderground, I can just reprint the video description originally uploaded with it, which will explain everything.

29 September 2010

The Hunt Is On

So let's kick this portfolio off right, with a short film I made to show my technical skills for my interview at PCA. Animated using a video game called The Movies: Stunts and Effects, I had to split up the 17 minute film into two parts. If you bothered with the YouTube bar at the bottom, you probably saw the trailer I made for it. Here then is Hunter Parts 1 & 2, along with the blurbs they were originally posted at TMUnderground with:


The story of Hunter begins in early 2009. I had to attend interviews with universities and prove I could make films. All I could show them was an A-level Media Studies horror film I was part of, and that sucked the big one. I could show it and critique it, but I needed something else, something good.

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